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Scholarship donation

Scholarship donations are directly related to a girl that is proposed by the Education Committee. The Big Girls Foundation provides scholarships for mainly primary and secondary education but also university degrees.

Donation amounts increase with the degree, starting on average at EUR 130 p.a. to EUR 480 p.a. for secondary and high schools. Please contact us for information about girls waiting for a scholarship with associated costs and remaining time to finish their degrees.


General donations

Donations are used to finance additional support such as hygienic products as well as
bundled to ensure that all scholarship recipients receive funding until finishing their education.

This is how the
scholarship program works

You chose the annual donation amount and we match you with a corresponding scholarship recipient recommended by the education committee in Kenya

If desired, we will help you build a relationship with your scholar with regular updates and letters from your scholar

We ensure that 100% of your donation is used for your scholarship recipient and directly payed to the school

You will receive a donation receipt for your tax declaration

We will inform you about the Big Girls Foundation donations, scholarship recipients and their achievements on an annual basis through our end-of-year report

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    You can cancel your scholarship at any given time without stating any reasons.

    Your donations are tax deductible.
    We will send a donation receipt in february of the subsequent year to your aforementioned e-mail address.