School sponsorship

Take on a school sponsorship

By becoming a sponsor, you are supporting a girl with a scholarship who is currently unable to go to school and was recommended by the education committee. The Big Girls Foundation primarily awards scholarships for elementary and secondary schools as well as universities.

The donation amounts increase as school progresses and start on average at EUR 350 per year for primary school children up to EUR 480 per year for secondary school students. Please contact us for individual information about girls, including their school fees and time remaining until graduation. A sponsorship can be ended at any time.


This is how our sponsorship program works

You decide on an annual donation amount and we will find you a scholarship recipient recommended by the education committee in Kenya

If desired, we will be happy to put you in touch with your scholarship holder and organize regular written communication

We ensure that 100% of your donations are used for your scholarship holder and pay them directly to the respective school

You will receive an annual donation receipt for your tax return

In our annual report we also inform you about the activities of the
Big Girls Foundation, the scholarship holders and our successes

Take on a sponsorship

    Ich übernehme eine Patenschaft für ein Mädchen auf einer weiterführenden Schule


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    You can cancel your sponsorship at any time - without giving reasons.

    Your donation is tax deductible.
    We will send you a donation receipt in February of the following year to the above e-mail address.