Sponsorships in Kenya

through education

The Big Girls Foundation operates at the feet of Mount Kilimanjaro in the Amboseli-Tsavo-Kilimanjaro area in Kenya. The focus of our work is on providing scholarships through sponsorships for poor students from primary schools to secondary schools and universities.

In addition, we offer additional support in the form of mentoring, teaching materials or hygiene products .


Selection of scholarship recipients

To ensure that our help reaches the girls with the greatest need, we work with a local education committee.

The committee was set up by the Big Life Foundation and consists of five members who live directly in the communities and represent different areas of the Amboseli area.
The members know their communities well and are sensitive to local problems. In addition, there are female trustees who identify students with the greatest need for support and recommend them to the Education Committee and the Big Girls Foundation.

The Education Committee

Das Bildungskomitee ist seit vielen Jahren aktiv und konnte dadurch bereits viele Mädchen im Rahmen anderer Projekte bei ihrer Ausbildung unterstützen und ihnen ein sicheres Umfeld bieten. Some of the girls have now even completed university studies and we hope that our commitment will enable many more girls to receive a good education.

Only with your help can we make a difference and give girls access to the education and resources they need for a better life. We guarantee that 100% of the donations go directly to our projects and thus the girls.

We ensure that the support arrives locally

We ensure that the sponsorship funds are paid directly to the partner schools.

We would also like to offer our sponsors the opportunity to exchange ideas with the scholarship holders. By exchanging testimonials, for example, we can share with you the girls' success stories and journeys.

You want to support us?

So funktioniert unser Patenprogramm

You decide on an annual donation amount and we will find you a scholarship recipient recommended by the education committee in Kenya

If desired, we will be happy to put you in touch with your scholarship holder and organize regular written communication

We ensure that 100% of your donations are used for your scholarship holder and pay them directly to the respective school

You will receive an annual donation receipt for your tax return

In our annual report we also inform you about the activities of the Big Girls Foundation, the scholarship holders and our successes

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