Vision & Mission


We envision a world in which women are empowered and have the means to drive change and create valuable impact for their communities.


Our mission is to support girls and women to access educational foundation and to enable them to unlock their full potential. We want to encourage them to become self-determined young women who shape their own future and the one of their communities.

We aim to remove barriers to girls’ education by helping them to attend and to complete school through the funding of scholarships

Our goal is to address other obstacles that affect many schoolgirls such as menstrual hygiene management in schools, poor infrastructure and unsafe learning/living environment through special campaigns and fundraisings

Why does investing in girls’
education matter?

Educating girls not only provides them with the foundation they need to succeed,
but also improves the future of their families, their communities, and the nations where they live.

Worldbank, 2021

There are several reports from different organizations which state and agree that girls’ education is
essential for the development of communities, countries and to help counteract poverty in the world.
It is clear that educated young women are better enabled to participate in the formal labor market,
earn higher income and most importantly make informed decisions about their health as well as
their personal and professional development.

The impact of educating girls transcends into their families and surroundings. Yet today it is estimated
that 132 million girls around the world are still out of school.

There are diverse barriers affecting girls’ education, but the most basic one points towards the lack of
the financial means to attend and complete school. To grow their capabilities and develop their skillset,
girls need access to education.

Unlocking girls’ full potential

Early access to education and information helps young women to nurture their curiosity, to develop
their skillset and to navigate through different phases of their life.

Having the chance to explore new areas of knowledge, which may have not been available otherwise,
enables them to build better perspectives on life and empowers them to define their strengths and capabilities. Empowering girls is giving them the power to choose their own dreams, to set their own goals in life.

Shaping self-determined
young women

Giving young women the freedom to make choices about their personal and professional
development unleashes a whole world of opportunities for them!

Steering their life and making their own choices from a young age are a great jump-start to live
an independent life and work towards life goals with determination despite of adversities.

Strengthening the role of
women and their impact in the local communities

Having access to education, feeling empowered and steering the own decisions in life can increase the sense of self-worth of young women and the confidence in their capabilities.

Thus, changing the way young women perceive themselves and are perceived by others can transform them into local role models who inspire other younger girls in the community. Moreover, they can pave the way towards equality of opportunities by redefining gender roles.