Where we work

The Amboseli-Tsavo-Kilimanjaro area

Big Girl's area of operation covers approximately 1.6 million acres of the Amboseli-Tsavo-Kilimanjaro
(Greater Amboseli) ecosystem in East Africa. It stretches from the Rangelands north of Amboseli to the
Chyulu Hills and Tsavo West National Park in the east, and south to Kilimanjaro National Park.

We partner with the Big Life Foundation, who has established a stunning wildlife protection project in
the area. Since its inception, Big Life has expanded to employ hundreds of local Maasai rangers
with more than 30 permanent outposts and tent-based field units, 14 patrol vehicles, 2 tracker dogs,
and 2 planes for aerial surveillance.

With the Big Girls project, we actively support habitat protection by providing education and help to girls
and women in the area. Moreover, we also support the implementation of conservation-specific
curriculums in the local classrooms.