School infrastructure

Good school infrastructure as a basis for successful learning

For many children, access to schools with a good learning environment, clean drinking water and proper sanitation is the most normal thing in the world. Since 2010, access to clean water has even been considered a human right.

But this is anything but the norm in the rural regions of Kenya. Although various institutions have made it their mission to improve the situation, the implementation often fails.

We, the Big Girls Foundation, support schools with a high need for basic infrastructure and realize our projects on site with our local partners. By doing so, we sustainably improve the learning conditions of girls and ensure that all funds reach the local communities.

The hygienic conditions at the schools, where we support girls, are often catastrophic. There are only a handful of ramshackle toilets for hundreds of girls, who not only have to go to school but also sleep at the schools. Running water is unheard of. This often leads to terrible hygienic conditions and promotes the rapid spread of infectious diseases.

That is why we at the Big Girls Foundation support not only the education of girls, but also foster infrastructure projects at schools that we have personally visited on site. Together with our local employees and partners, we very thoroughly select the schools with the highest need for support and prioritize projects with the greatest positive impact.

Project 1

Construction of a wash and toilet house at the Olgira High School in Kenia

In the summer of 2022 the construction of wash blocks and toilet houses at Olgira High School is in progress. The new toilets will not only mean an improvement in hygiene, but also less unpleasant odors and a healthier environment for the students. Thus, thanks to your donations, we are able to create an environment that is favorable to both living and learning.

Behind this plastic cover one find’s the “wash blocks”, without running water. Many students use them as toilets.

The old toilets are not used anymore, since the floor is expected to collapse at any time.

Pupils have access to toilets

Pupils that sleep in the school now have access to washing facilities for the first time

An enormous improvement of the hygenic conditions as a foundation for a good learning environment

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In addition, we support girls by financing hygiene products or schools by funding urgently needed teaching positions

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